Attendee Pre-Registration online

If you're providing a simple registration form online, people will take their time at home to fill all mandatory information and later save themselves and your staff a lot of time at the event. Looking up a pre-registered attendee takes about 10 sec. Data can be looked up via QR Scan, Text search and ID search. 
In addition, you will learn a lot about who will be attending your event!

Attendees enter their personal data at home 


  • Name

  • E-mail address

  • Postal address

  • Date of Birth

  • Phone number

  • etc.

If you want to run a survey, you could ask questions like:


  • "How did you learn about this event?"


and provide with multiple selection answers. 

If necessary, attendees can sign with mouse or touchpad, i.e. for newsletter or insurance waiver. 


They could also print a voucher with QR Code and bring it or just carry the pre-registration on their smartphone

 QUICK & EASY       



  • Easy installation on iPhones

  • Very smooth check-in process

  • Real-time lookup in live database

  • Re-checking in returning attendees 

  • Text search by name

  • ID search (in case att. forgot their QR)

  • Realtime event analytics

  • Fully customizable

  • Check-in takes less than 10 seconds

Not everyone who signed up beforehand will actually attend. With the Greenfinder Expo Research solution, you will be able to address even those who didn't show up. Furthermore, planning your staff will be much easier and realistic as you can predict potential traffic during your event. 



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